8-11 Year Old Games  
6 week schedule

Color       Coach     Sponsor                
Green       Eljon     Dave Murphy Town Manager
Yellow      Jonathon  The Board
White       Corey     Paul Fernandes
Black       Gary      Ron Jackson
Blue        Herb      Lucky Cleaners
Red         Vinnie    Anthony William

These dates are the only two with games scheduled
at 7:00 PM for the 8-11 age group.
Date      6:00 PM               7:00 PM        
Mon - 6/25Green v Yellow     White v Black
Wed - 6/27Blue v Red         Green v Black

All remaining games for the 8-11 age 
group are at 6:00 PM
Date        Court 1             Court 2        
Mon - 7/2   Yellow v Blue       White v Red
Thu - 7/5   Green v White       Yellow v Black

Mon - 7/09  Green v Red         Blue v Black
Wed - 7/11  Yellow v Red        White v Blue

​***Postponed due to wet courts***
Mon - 7/16  Green v Blue        Yellow v White
Wed - 7/18  Black v Red         Green v Yellow
***Rescheduled Games***
Thu - 7/19   Green v Blue        Yellow v White

Mon - 7/23  White v Black       Blue v Red
​***Postponed due to wet courts***
Wed - 7/25  Green v Black       Yellow v Blue
***Rescheduled Games***
Fri - 7/27   Green v Black       Yellow v Blue

Mon - 7/30  White v Red         Yellow v Black
Wed - 8/1   Green v Red         Blue v White

12-14 Year Old Games
5 week schedule
All games are at 7:00 PM

Color        Coach         Sponsor
Blue         Herb          West Philly Speedboys    
Green        Vinnie        Celtics
Red          Britany       Warriors
Yellow       Daryus        Anthony Williams

Date        Court 1            Court 2        
Mon - 7/2   Blue v Green       Red v Yellow
Thu - 7/5   Blue v Red         Green v Yellow

Mon - 7/09  Blue v Yellow      Green v Red
Wed - 7/11  Blue v Green       Red v Yellow

***Postponed due to wet courts***
Mon - 7/16  Blue v Red         Green v Yellow
Wed - 7/18  Blue v Yellow      Green v Red
***Rescheduled Games***
Thu - 7/19   Blue v Red          Green v Yellow

Mon - 7/23  Blue v Green       Red v Yellow
***Postponed due to wet courts***
Wed - 7/25  Blue v Red         Green v Yellow
***Rescheduled Games***
Fri - 7/27   Blue v Red          Green v Yellow

​***Playoffs ***
Mon - 7/30   Game 1              Game 2
             Green v Red         Yellow v Blue

Wed - 8/1    Championship Game
             Game 1 Winner v Game 2 Winner