Tentative Travel Rosters.  Selection is contingent upon players making their payments on time.  A waiting list of players is kept to fill spots on all teams in the event a  player is unable to meet their financial commitment on  time.

Due to low response there will not be 
a girl's travel team this season.

 GRADE 8 Roster
Barnes, Mahkhi      13
Bembeleza, Vidinic 12
DePeiza, Damari     20
Hoover, Matthew 
Louis, Marvin
Maria, Izec
Michel, Isaiah   4
Swinton, Dylan        21
Tangishaka, Lenny   11
White, Marquis 


 GRADE 7 Roster
​Baines , Andrew 
Blidge , Andrew 
Deoliveira , Orandon 
Dumornay , Elijah 
Ihunwo , Chissom 
Morson , David 
Nash , Jordan  
Orews , Micah 
Printemps , Ethan 
Rivera , Jonathan 
Teixeiro , Hugo 
White , Ryan 


GRADE 6 Roster
Benavides, Francisco 
Clark-Bailey, Dominyck 
Codio, Jayden 
Curenton, Tyrie 
DaSilva, Joron 
Francis, Khai 
Hector, Sincore 
Hodge, Travis 
Igharosa, Willard 
Leui , Tyriq 
White, Mekhi 
Williams, Amahn 

GRADE 5 Roster
​Aikens, Mason 
Carter, Jailen 
Dolison, Amarey 
Igharosa, Melvin 
Lopez, Javier 
Manuel, Micah 
Nash, Daren 
Remy, Isaac 
Saint-val, Jayden 
Sealls, Nekhi 
Smith, Jelani 
Valentin, Luis 
Young, Allen 

RYBA would like to thank all the players who tried out for the teams.  It was a very talented group of players.